Yankee Lighting Workshop

Located in Cochituate, a historic neighborhood in Wayland, MA., we offer all types of lighting and repair for antique, vintage, or modern light fixtures including a full line of electrical and mechanical refinishing and repair.  We’ll help you find that unique, antique, or vintage glass shade you cannot find anywhere else!  European conversions, replace quartz, halogen, and low voltage components. Full restoration and replacement of cords, sockets, and switches.

A very unique lightshop in new England

When you first walk into Yankee Lighting Workshop you can tell that this place is like no other. All the hidden treasures tucked away on shelves and in all the many draws. This place definitely has the feel of a well used workshop.

Yankee Lighting Workshop - Wayland, MA

At the end of the lighted rainbow will be Yankee Lighting Workshop in Wayland, MA.  A building-sized treasure chest of antique, vintage and modern light fixtures, parts, accessories and services.

Commercial Services

Whether it’s a new fixture, repair or cleaning job, Yankee Lighting can do it all. Our clientele consists of Philips Academy, Dartmouth College, Boston University, Harvard University, Museum of Fine Arts and many more. Above: Yankee Lighting Workshop owner Scott Sweeney working on a chandelier at Divinity Hall, Harvard University.

Huge Selection of Lighting Parts

We have gazillions of parts located throughout the store, backrooms, downstairs, and in remote storage facilities. Above: Parts cabinets and drawers located throughout the shop. If you need it there is a good chance we have it.  Just ask. Contact us

Abundance of Inventory

Yes! We’ll Help you find that modern, unique, antique, or vintage glass shade or fixture you cannot find anywhere else! And parts too. If you are looking for anything to do with lighting. Contact Us today!

Customization, Restoration and Repair Services

Full restoration and repair of fixtures, replacement of cords, sockets, and switches. You name it. Your dog broke it? Bring it in. We’ll fix it!  It doesn’t exist yet? We’ll make it for you. Above: Michael Noonan busy with a custom job.  Contact us today.

Huge Selection of Shades!

We literally have over a thousand glass lamp shades of all shapes, sizes and time periods. Glass, metal, novelty, bowls, rectangle, square lamp shades – you name it! And an abundance of glass globes, too. All on display at the shop and tons more stored at a remote location.  Above: One of many display cases at the shop. See Gallery. Looking for something in particular? Contact Us.

The Yankeee Lighting Workshop

A Little History

Although established in 2021, The Yankee Lighting Workshop is in many ways a continuation of the business begun by my father, William Sweeney, over 50 years ago in a house on Hawthorne Road, Wayland, MA before moving to the historic Damon house and barn on Commonwealth Road (Rt. 30), where our loyal customers brought my brothers, Bruce and Gary, and me their business while their families enjoyed our many animals at the farm.

I have strived to create my own business while retaining the charm, ambience, inventory, and workshop facilities to ensure our customers receive the same individualized service. To preserve the spirit of the business, I chose to call its new incarnation, The Yankee Lighting Workshop, and am thrilled to have found another historic neighborhood location which has personal meaning for me, the corner store at 213 West Plain Street – still in Cochituate and a mile from the farmhouse and barn and near Dudley Pond, where the family began.

A new name and location, but same attention to detail, care, and respect for each project that Yankee Craftsman Antique Lighting and the Sweeney Family have been known for over the last half-century.

Our Services

Antique Lighting Restoration

This is one of our specialties and passions. We are a connoisseur of lighting fixtures of times past.

Custom Lighting

Need something made? Let us know. We have the supplies, special tools and skills to bring it to light.


I’ve been collecting parts since the 70s and maintain a huge supply of parts. Don’t throw that lamp away yet. Contact us.


Come in and browse our store – its chuck full of all sorts of lighting fixtures, parts and accessories.  Yankee Lighting Workshop, 213 West Plain Street, Wayland, MA 01778

Lamp Repair

Bulbs, shades, chassis, wires, cords, connectors, switches – no worries.

Metal Polishing & Finishing

We have access to all types of refinishing processes and tools to make your light fixture look brand new.

Commercial / Professional Services

New fixtures, repairs or cleaning jobs – Yankee Lighting can do it all. Yankee Lighting clientele consists of Philips Academy, Dartmouth College, Boston University, Harvard University, Museum of Fine Arts and many more.

Gift Creations

Looking for gift ideas? How about a custom light made for your favorite  golfer, fisherman, football player, motorcyclist? You get the idea. Contact us, we’ll figure it out.


Meet The Staff

Scott Sweeney

Behind that World Series-winning beard, Scott is a master craftsman that excels in lighting restorations, low voltage services and halogen repair. He really enjoys working with creative people and helping them with their projects. He even designed his own line of sconces.

When not in the shop or out at yard sales or flea markets, Scott can be found doing all kinds of outdoor activities with his wife Colleen Dougherty and his children Ryan and Shauna.

Scott is also a serious angler, ice fishing, fly fishing, surf casting – he does it all. He even makes underwater videos. He is also a HUGE Beatles fan who loves to discuss all things related to them.

Chris Siggins

Chris is a Framingham native who worked with his father in remodeling. A voracious intellect, skilled craftsman and avid outdoorsman – makes him a welcome addition to the shop when he can take time from his high-tech job.

A huge Hub sports fan who still plays softball and hockey.

Michael Noonan

Michael Noonan a true Renaissance Man he can do pretty much anything he sets his mind to be it mechanical, electrical or metaphysical.

Michael has worked in the auto body repairs business for over 30 years. Mike grew up in Somerville lucked out and married Darlene had three kids and nine grandkids. Mike is a great storyteller and a detailed oriented Craftsman. Mike builds and paints remote-controlled model boats he is also a champion model boat racer.

After getting out of the Navy before starting body work Mike worked with my father and us for a couple years. And 40 years later we reconnected just before he retired – lucky for us.

Alex Kemper

Alex hails from Wayland, MA. Aside from working with Scott at the shop, he is also the owner of Smart Brush Painting – a high quality painting contractor.

He is truly a unique individual; dependable, honest, creative and resourceful – loaded with delightful quirks.  If he is not fishing he is thinking of fishing.


What They Say

I never knew there was so much to lamps. All the parts and supplies there were amazing. Scott greeted me right away and helped me find a vintage light fixture for my home. Wonderful!
Emma, Acton, MA
Yankee had a motorcycle helmet lamp there that blew me a away. These guys are so clever. Tons of shades and globes.
Dian, Wayland, MA
I was very impressed with Yankee Lighting Workshop. I went into their store one day and loved all the lighting fixtures they had. Kudos to Scott and his staff!
Chris, Worcester, MA

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your lighting needs.